Have a Happy Spring!


Happy first day of spring!photo

Of course, this year in Victoria we’ve had a winter that never really got cold. I feel like spring’s been here awhile but the forsythia reflecting the yellow of the sun everywhere really drives the point home.

In my garden right now the beds are being weeded and mulched in a hurry! There are a million weeds everywhere that grew over winter but a “hoop” hoe makes quick work of them. Some general fertilizer thrown down for the plants and a final mulch of compost sifted from my bins and done!.. until I move onto the next bed. While going through this process I also cut back all those perennials from last summer whose moldy, brown stems are now just a reminder of winter. All the trees and shrubs also get a quick bite from whatever pruning tool is appropriate.

The lawn is being cut low! I’m a big fan of using ferrous sulphate (it’s basically just water-soluble rust power) to kill the moss because it also does a great job of scorching the leaves of lawn weeds like dandelion and buttercup. Soon I’ll de-thatch the lawn and rake like crazy. Then I’ll fertilize, top-dress with “lawn mix” or sand, rake, roll and seed. Wow, does that make a nice lawn. Just ask my neighbors.

This is a great time to plant and transplant almost anything. The soil is just warming up from the sun, plants are just starting to burst with growth and there’s still lots of moisture for the roots. Many perennials can be divided now to fill empty areas and many vigorous shrubs will root if a branch is pinned on the ground, say beneath a rock. That gives you a new plant!

Enjoy your yard! Each day this time of year offers something new. The flowers opening, the leaves unfurling, the birds and the warming sun make for an energizing experience in the garden air.