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Weed and Feed


Plants need a properly balanced diet plan to grow healthy and stunning. If your vegetation are in a backyard or grouped together in large pots, they will extract nutrients from the soil. Over time these lifestyle-sustaining nutrients need to be changed. Kathy also has a couple of garden snakes that took up residence in…(Read More)

It’s time to get the berry patch ready for a bumper crop this summer. Raspberries, blackberries, boysenberries etc. are all called “cane fruits” and apart from unusual varieties like fall-producing raspberries, they can all be treated the same. Understand that the individual canes should be treated like biennials: cut back to soil level…(Read More)

Here in Victoria, BC; spring is starting to really push the grass up. It seems all my neighbors are getting their mowers out of the sheds and having a devil of a time getting a trim lawn without serious frustration and I want this article to help:   First of all let’s get the tools…(Read More)

Happy first day of spring! Of course, this year in Victoria we’ve had a winter that never really got cold. I feel like spring’s been here awhile but the forsythia reflecting the yellow of the sun everywhere really drives the point home. In my garden right now the beds are being weeded and…(Read More)

This is a great time to be indulgent in thinking about your landscape. What would you like to see more of? Less of? Any big changes needed, like losing the lawn, installing a seating area, irrigation, or creating a veggie bed? What do you really want your yard to provide to you? Trees, hedges and…(Read More)

Winter Gardening Tips Here are some great tips on how to maintain your garden and look after the local wildlife during the cold winter months… Create natural food for wildlife by planting native trees and shrubs such as guilder rose, holly and yew, and provide feed for the birds Stop feeding your pond fish and…(Read More)